Un plus pentru Hootsuite

Ieri a picat Hootsuite câteva ore bune. Dashboard-ul era neaccesibil și lumea începea deja sa se frământe pe pagina lor de Facebook. Până la urmă s-a dovedit a fi un atac DoS care a dat destule bătăi de cap IT-ului din British Columbia. În fine, lucrurile s-au rezolvat după vreo 3 ore, însă plus-ul pentru Hootsuite a venit pe mail:


As you may have noticed this morning, HootSuite services experienced downtime, which might have impacted you or your organization. At approximately 6:45 am PST we experienced what’s known as a denial of service attack (DoS). I’m writing today to let you know that the HootSuite Engineering and Security teams are working to mitigate the DoS attack and that there are no inherent security risks to your accounts, nor has any customer data been compromised.

It’s important that we keep you up to date on the status of the tools and services we provide to you as a valuable customer. This interruption was the result of a malicious attempt by an outside party to flood our services in order to shut-down the system. This primarily affected web traffic to the dashboard and mobile APIs, and did not impact previously scheduled posts. We are working with hosting providers to identify the source and block this traffic.

We will keep the HootSuite blog updated with current information.

For real time updates or support, please follow or tweet us on our dedicated Twitter support channel @hootsuite_help and see additional resources below. Lastly, I want to thank you for your patience and for your continued trust in HootSuite. Your success is our highest goal.

Best regards,

Ryan Holmes,
HootSuite CEO”

Frumos 🙂

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